Journalism is an extremely important profession. While they may not know it, people rely on Journalists to understand their world, and make decisions, every single day. How they perceive the job market, the economy, current standards of living, gas prices, local restaurants, and even weather…. all depends greatly on us.

Whether consciously, or unconsciously, people explicitly trust journalists – or people acting as journalists – to give them a completely accurate description of both current events and relevant history. This is often true even when the source is an entertainment/opinion show or an online blog.

This leaves trained Journalists an extremely important responsibility: They must both report events accurately, and combat the ever present misinformation that the public is exposed to. Each is as imperative as the other. We live in an enterprising world that often releases facts for personal profit or for the purpose of changing public perception. Trained and dedicated journalists must not only review these facts, but put them in context so the public can see the full picture.

And why do we do this? Because a democracy must have a critical mass of informed citizens to function correctly, and informing those citizens is the journalist’s responsibility.

This is the responsibility I want to carry. As a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, I have obtained degrees in both broadcast journalism and government.  I seek to employ my knowledge and skills in a job where I can both inform the public and safeguard our democratic government.